Music Identity (Common Metadata) Standard

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The music industry has recently started struggling on the notion of Fair Trade Music certification. In The Metadata Handbook Second Edition, Renée Register and Thad McIlroy review several book industry best practices and certification programs on best practices – notably the Book Industry Study Group Product Certification Program (PDCP). The book industry has regroup into BISG, a large association working on standardized best practices.

But contrary to the book industry, the music industry rights chain is composed of multiple stakeholders. The creation process is often a collaboration of several writers and composers, which can all be living in different countries and be represented by different co-publishers and sub-publishers. Further on, the recordings of those songs are licensed to music labels and TV shows, they are uploaded on the Web. All those stakeholders can possibly register a new work/recording and possibly try to control the process for good or bad reasons. Identification and registration must be done before music starts being streamed by worldwide global services…

At TGiT we think music metadata best practices and possible certification must be built upon the holistic respect of all stakeholders in order to preserve the interest and value for the new digital music listening and consuming offer.

We will soon participate in many industry gatherings and meet many industrial actors involved in discussing music metadata (#musicmetadata) : DDEX Plenary, MusicBiz Metadata Summit, MIDEM, UNESCO-OCCQ International Symposium on the Measurement of Digital Cultural Products.

On the eve of those events, we wish to get more actively involved and to open discussion on the notion of a Music Identity Standard. We are well aware that the field set we are proposing will not encompass all situations and trade needs, but we have based the development of our own open source tool on this set and we think it is a good place for music creators and first rights holders to get started. We are actively seeking collaborations to further transmit this basic set to the value chain, knowing that bridging data is always possible if a minimum is done at early stage of content distribution.

Please comment this post and come over to our panels and presentations. We need to get moving!


TGiT Music Identity (Common Metadata) Standard

TGiT Music Identity (Common Metadata) Standard (EN) (63 Fields)

Work level | A musical creation/composition distinct from its consequent recording
Work level – Title (TrackTitle is used for metadata tagging)
Work level – ISWC
Work level – Writers (Lyricists) (Multiple entry)
Work level – Writers (Lyricists) – Place of creation (UN/LOCODE)
Work level – Writers (Lyricists) – Date of Birth
Work level – Writers (Lyricists) – ISNI
Work level – Writers (Lyricists) – IPI
Work level – Writers (Composers) (Multiple entry)
Work level – Writers (Composers) – Place of creation (UN/LOCODE)
Work level – Writers (Composers) – Date of Birth
Work level – Writers (Composers) – ISNI
Work level – Writers (Composers) – IPI
Work level – Original Publishers (Multiple entry)
Work level – Original Publishers – Location (UN/LOCODE)
Work level – Original Publishers – ISNI
Work level – Original Publishers – IPI
Work level – Lyrics
Work level – Lyrics – ISTC
Work level – Lyrics Language

Track level | The recorded performance of a work by a set of artists, musicians and contributors
Track level – MainArtist – Name
Track level – MainArtist – Place of performance (UN/LOCODE)
Track level – MainArtist – Date of Birth
Track level – MainArtist – ISNI
Track level – MainArtist – IPN
Track level – MainArtist – Attached Picture (Main Artist Photo)
Track level – Musicians (Multiple entry)
Track level – Musicians – Instrument
Track level – Musicians – Place of performance (UN/LOCODE)
Track level – Musicians – Date of Birth
Track level – Musicians – ISNI
Track level – Musicians – IPN
Track level – Featured Guest – Place of performance (UN/LOCODE)
Track level – Featured Guest – Date of Birth
Track level – Featured Guest – ISNI
Track level – Featured Guest – IPN
Track level – ISRC
Track level – Version Information
Track level – Recording Time (Duration)
Track level – Genre
Track level – Tags
Track level – Comments
Track level – Production Company – Name
Track level – Production Company – CMO Affiliation Location (UN/LOCODE)
Track level – Production Company – ISNI
Track level – Recording Studio – Name
Track level – Recording Studio – Location (UN/LOCODE)
Track level – Recording Studio – ISNI
Track level – Recording Date
Track level – Music Producer – Name
Track level – Music Producer – ISNI
Track level – Mixer
Track level – Mixer – ISNI

Project level | A bundle of recorded musical works ready for commercial release
Project level – Release Title
Project level – Compilation (Y/N)
Project level – Label – Name
Project level – Label – ISNI
Project level – Label – Location (UN/LOCODE)
Project level – Label – Release Territory
Project level – Catalog Number
Project level – Barcode (UPC/EAN)
Project level – Release Time (Date)
Project level – Attached Pictures (cover art, booklet, etc.)
Project level – Track Number and Total Tracks (xx/xx)